"My first Reiki experience with Michele was gentle but stimulating, and it took me deep within my consciousness.  Michele has a completely professional yet warm and caring approach, calm and empathetic."  -- Cynthia K (Reiki for general well-being)

"Thank you for helping to facilitate my healing from the most traumatic experience of my adult life." -- Taleen

" I benefited enormously and really looked forward to the Healing Touch sessions each week." -- Meaghan

"Michele worked with me for 3 months after 11.5 hours of breast/abdominal cancer surgery.  Our weekly sessions were an island of peace and sanity during an otherwise difficult time.  She was prompt and professional with a 'healing touch' that carried beyond our hour together." -- DJS (Healing Touch for cancer care)

"I never felt such goodness in my body before." -- Michael (Healing Touch for chronic pain and emphysema)

"Michele  first takes the time to sit and listen to what your needs and concerns are so that she can tailor the session for you.  After we were done and I started on my way home, I noted a sense of calm and that my center seemed more in balance, and an easing of my issues." -- AZ (Healing Touch for stress and chronic back pain)

"I would recommend Michele to anyone who is dealing with illness or as a preventative measure to maintain excellent health and well being. Each session I had built on the previous and new discoveries and insights were gained over time." -- Jaime W (Healing Touch for cancer care)

"Oh my, it felt like even the insides of my bones relaxed."-- Doris Bankhead (Healing Touch for relaxation)