Chakra Connection for Self Healing

Created by energy medicine pioneer Brugh Joy for balancing a client's energy system, the Chakra Connection is part of every Healing Touch practitioner's repertoire.  This adaptation can be used by anyone for self-healing.  Done properly, it relaxes you at the cellular level and brings you into a meditative state. 

  1. Ground and center yourself -- sit in an upright, comfortable position with your feet on the floor.  Imagine that you are growing roots deep into the earth.  Take a few deep, slow breaths until you feel centered and relaxed.
  2. As you continue breathing, imagine that you are breathing the earth energy up into your heart.  
  3. Next, imagine golden healing light coming into the top of your head.  Breathe that down into your heart, mingling it with the earth energy.
  4. Continuing to breath in the earth energy and golden healing light, lift your hands in front of you with palms facing each other.  Imagine you are sending the earth energy and golden light in through your heart and out through your hands.  
  5. After taking a few breaths this way, move your hands slowly and gently away from each other, then forward towards each other.  After you do this a few times, you are likely to feel a "thickness" or slight resistance as you bring your hands back and forth towards each other.  This is a build up of energy!
  6. As you continue the breathing pattern, create an intention statement for the self healing treatment you are about to give yourself -- anything physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.  End the intention statement with the words "...for my highest good."
  7. Continue the breathing pattern, and using the image at the top of the screen as a guide, start with hand placement #1 (one hand on the bottom of your foot, the other on the ankle), and sequentially go through all 19 steps, taking three or four "in through your heart, out through your hands" breaths at each hand placement.
  8. When you finish, sit quietly as long as you want, observing the lovely, relaxed state that you are in.